Katsuten has opened first restaurant in Sapporo, Hokkaido in 1996 as serving Katsudon(a bowl of rice topped with pork cutlet served with egg) and Tendon(a bowl of rice topped with tempura).vin_09350_shiro


The origin of name “Katsuten” is initials of Katsudon and Tendon. Our mission is serving donburi(is the general term for Katsudon and Tendon an affordable price.
Katsuten has developed stores for the south from north of Japan for 20 years.


We believe the most important of ingredients of Katsuten’s donburi is rice. Katsuten only use high quality and safe rice made in Hokkaido, Japan. We make sure that other ingredients also important such as pork, seafood, vegetables, fried-oil, flour, and egg. We know that the matter of concern to keep the same quality of donburi for all Katsuten shops. From the view of cooking, our cooking system has based on an auto-fryer. Under the system , auto-fryer manages the temperature of frying -oil, frying time of pork cutlet and tempura.


We think that “donburi” is Japanese fast food and hope to become famous all around the world. Next a decade, we will open Katsuten shops not in Japan but also overseas. Now , we are looking for an corporate partner who is
1. commited to food business in long term
2. be knowledgeable about to supply local substitutes
3. has experience in managing food business